Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Mason Jar (with car)

Ever since I have been looking for ideas to make "snow globe" mason jars, I have been waiting to make one similar to this one from "It All Started with Paint".

It took me so long to make because I couldn't find a vintage car....all they sell are race cars!  I looked online and all I could find were cars that would cost a minimum $10 with thank you :/

Then my daughter told me I should look through my son's box of cars I had in the garage.  I was doubtful since he mainly loved construction trucks.  But I did find 2 possible cars I could use.  One was a 50's car, but I felt it was too "lowrider" for me hahaha.  So I picked this bug...

It did need a paint job though.  I went to Michaels and just picked up Martha Stewart High Gloss Habanero.  It took a few coats to cover up the graffiti art on the car, but it was worth it.

The tree is a bit big, but I love it!  (The picture doesn't do it justice--it is red not pink.)

Thank you for looking.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Trees In A Jar 2.0

Back in September, my friend Liz hosted a Craft Day. It was so much fun that I got little done, but my friend Jossie brought jars and gold deers for us to make some cute holiday scene mason jars.  That day, I only glued the deer and added some foam snow, but when I got home, I found my deer had come undone :/

It took me a few weeks to complete, but little by little, my mason jar snow scene was almost perfect.  There were a lot of trial and errors along the way.

While working on my jar, I looked for instructions to make mine look like the ones I found via Pinterest, but I found little I thought I would share my step by step process.

First I found some trees at Michaels in the Christmas section.  The package came with 1 "large" tree, 2 medium trees, and 5 small trees.  At first, I was only going to use the large tree, but my deer would not fit inside with the tree, so I added a medium tree to my jar as well. 

I really wanted the trees to looked snowed on, so I added some white acrylic paint to the mostly green trees.  I also used some spray glue then sprinked some gold glitter and white crystal glitter for some pop.  

The width of both trees was squished too tightly in the mouth of the I found some foam I had laying around (yes, because you never know when you need foam!) and glued it to the lid.  I let it dry overnight.  The next day, I went to put my trees in the jar and D'oh!  the large tree was too tall! ha ha ha and the jar wouldn't close.

So I carved into the foam enough to shorten the tall tree without chopping it down.

(Not pretty but it worked!)

I thought I was done and added some tiny foam balls (I got at the Dollar Tree) to the jar (see first photo), but I didn't like that the balls were sticking to my trees and the jar!  boo!

I sometimes have OCD tendencies and I spent an hour and a half (while watching 2 episodes of Bones...multitasking makes me think it wasn't so bad! ha ha) pulling the foam out of my trees!!

Another trip to Michaels to find some better looking snow.  And the 2.0 version was a success!

At least I think so :)  Thank you for reading...I hope I inspire you to try your own mason jar scene :D

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Florida 2012 (#4)

We left Miami at 9am on the 4th day and headed up to Orlando where we were going to spend the rest of our vacation (because you can't go to Florida and NOT go to Disney World, right?).  I highlighted our route, but it is a bit hard to see with all the other lines on the map.

We made one stop to eat breakfast and go to Target to pick up snacks and laundry detergent for the Disney World Resort (Saratoga Springs) condo.  My husband's co-worker graciously let us use 3 nights of her time share!!

We got to the Resort at 2:15 pm. After cleaning up, my daughter and I jumped on the Ferry to Downtown Disney to walk around and have dinner.  In true Floridian weather, it poured on us, but I love the rain and don't mind walking in it :)

While we were browsing around, the boys drove about an hour west (in some scary rain...what is crappier than driving in the rain?  driving in the rain on a road you don't know!).  They caught a Tampa Bay Ray's game (in St. Petersburg). {I guess it is now like watching a San Francisco 49er game in Santa Clara.}

There was a "hall of fame" type area that they enjoyed.  They actually liked this stadium better than the brand new Marlins' stadium we were at a few days before!

This was our AMAZING home away from home

Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy it to it's fullest extent since we had planned a jam packed vacation.  It would have been perfect to set up my scrapbooking since there was a large kitchen table (and kitchen that I would not have used even if we had more time there! ahahaha)  The kids had one "wing" with their own bathroom and we had our own master sweet with came in handy the 5th day when we had to soak our feet after walking and walking and walking the whole day.

Thank you for looking.  I have been reminded of our vacation as I am finishing up on the is like we just came back all over again :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Florida Trip (#3)

The Day 3 section of my Florida SMASH Book is out of order...I am normally a chronological scrapbooker and it was so hard for me to place photos out of order, but it made more sense to do so for Day 3.

Day 3 in Florida was Memorial Day.  Our plan was to spend the day in South Beach/Miami Beach so we left our hotel at 7am thinking we would hit traffic (we did not).

We first found a breakfast spot and after fueling our tummy's walked around the area--it was 8am, so the stores were mostly closed.

My daughter loves the Jersey we had to find some of the places Snooki and her friends caused havoc when they spent Season 2 down there.

The place they lived...the place they worked...and one of the places they clubbed at (which was shut down when we were there).  After lunch, we went back to the gelato place and she had to have  a scoop and bought a shirt. (I HAD to use the Bottled pages of the SMASH book for Jersey could I not? ha ha ha)

Our choices for breakfast were limited...but the eggs were fine...(here is where it goes all wonky!)  We ate lunch at 1:30 pm--6 hours later...not right after we ate breakfast ha ha ha :D

We also seen the Dash hadn't opened for the day yet.  We seen a tow truck from Tremont Towing...South Beach Tow which my husband and kids watch.

Back to our lunch...we ate at Ocean's Ten which apparently the Jersey Shore cast also visited on the show.  OMG--worst service.  The Yelp reviews are either way bad or good.  I guess if you to there to club then it is fine.  We were there at 1:30 pm and the waitress had to hold our credit card before we got our food--their, we have 2 children with us...we aren't clubbing...we aren't going to stiff you!  Then they charged for a glass of water...not bottled...just plain "filtered" tap water!  Then they automatically charged 18% service fee...fine, but did I mention our waitress sucked?  Well she did!  And the food...not very good at all and overpriced.  Oh well...

Some of our beach photos...Remember I said we wanted to beat the crowds?  We were there from 8:30am-1:00pm and it never got very crowded...I think South Beach is on and popping in the evening when all the young adults are partying :)

We got back to the hotel before 3pm and decided to check out Hollywood, Fl because the guide book said it was "a virtual carnival of young hipsters, big families, and sunburned French Canadian..."  It was NOT...unless by young hipsters they meant young hoodlums and by French Canadian they meant Freaky Characters!  Normally, my husband can hang in the shadiest parts of town (he went into New Orlean's 9th ward with a couple of friends and a stranger they met at a bar!) but even he was not comfortable with us being in Hollywood, FL.  We left as soon as possible and I only took one photo of a sign...actually I think I sent my husband over to take the picture.  (Ok, I just looked at all the trip advisor reviews, etc. and they are all positive...maybe it was because we got there late in the day...I don't know, but it did not look very friendly.)

The best part of the trip to Hollywood was the drive there when we were stuck in traffic (how is that the best part?)...Not only did we laugh as we witnessed a ton of people illegally exiting the freeway, but we seen these two young adults in front of us lip-syncing and doing some hand/arm gestures.  My son knew what they were doing and showed us the Harvard Baseball Team YouTube video lip syncing and "dancing" to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.  We then joined the couple in front of us...and they laughed and gave us air high fives.  That song then became our anthem the rest of the trip :)

Even now when we hear that song it makes us smile thinking of our vacation.

If you got through this post--thank you! 

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Florida 2012 (#2)

Day 2 in Miami was the day we went to check out the new Marlin's stadium and watch our Giants beat them.

Before we headed over to the stadium, we found The Original Pancake House which we all liked.  We really try to find places to eat that we can't find around where we live...sometimes we succeed at doing that and other times we have to settle for places we can eat any ol' time. (Later, we found out there are a couple of the same chain in our area, but when we tried them at home, they were not as good. :/ )

I was happy that the page in the Smashbook (above) actually matched what I was scrapbooking.  The curved building in the Smashbook had similar features to the actual stadium.

The photo on the top left is one of my favorites because of this...

Five years earlier, we were in Scottsdale, Az watching the Giants at Spring Training and I captured this photo above...I had them recreate the bottom photo...Yes, my husband is wearing the same jersey (but new same colored shorts! ha ha ha)--it is awesome to see how my kids have grown in 5 years!

Another element that I love on this page is that I used paper from an actually baseball score book to write my journaling on.

The next page is just photos of the inside of the stadium--the colors on the Smashbook matched the Marlin colors (kinda!).

That day, Melky Cabrera scored all 3 runs which I was able to take photos looks like the same run scored, but it wasn't :)

After the game, we went back to the hotel then took the free Metromover to the Bayside outdoor mall.  We walked around, but didn't buy anything other than flimsy towels for the beach the next day.

Dinner was at Bubba Gump which we've eaten at before, but we don't eat it too often.

For the smaller photos (like above), I used my PoGo--I am not sure how they will stand the test of time though.

Thank you for looking!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 things that make me happy...

today on instagram, there were a lot of photos remembering that infamous day 13 long years ago...

then i seen wwfussbudget29 posted her 10 things that makes her happy.

so to honor the day by not living in fear...i am going to list 13 things that make me happy instead

  1. my kids (even through those teen years)

  2. my husband (for doing everything--like cooking, driving, etc.)

  3. my mom (she is one tough chick)

  4. my extended family (even though seeing them twice a year is enough--haha--kidding!)

  5. my core group of friends (you know who you are!)

  6. pretty paper (to scrapbook or make cards or to just look at)

  7. pretty yarn (to crochet with or to look at--haha)

  8. reading (everything from magazines to novels to non-fiction to tinsel town autobiographies)

  9. traveling (near and far)

10. quiet time (especially quiet time with coffee!)

11. tv (from american horror story to survivor to the big bang theory and more!)

12. the internet (pinterest, message boards, and blogs!!)

13. my job (most days--hahaha.  i work with the best group of people...we are all long term employees)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workspace Wednesday (Color Shine)

Back in March 2013, I wrote a post on how I made my own Gold mist.  At the time, I thought I would save some money and make my own--but that was short lived.

I had bought some Mini Mister spray bottles to make my own colors...but it didn't work out too well.  The acrylic paint was too thick and would just clog the sprayer.  So I bought the Primrose and later the Teal.  

That was my arsenal for over a year.  

Then last month, I had seen the trio pack (gold, teal, and citron) at Michaels and wanted to buy the mini bottles, but since I already had teal, I figured could just buy the Gold by itself for cheaper (and more came in the bottle!).  So I went that route.

Then I seen someone on Instagram post they had scored some color shine on clearance at Joann' I had to find them!  I was able to pick up the Chartreuse and Bronzer on clearance.

And then last week, Michaels had Heidi Swapp 40% off (plus an additional 20% app coupon!) so I picked up the White and Citron.

Yes, I have bought them all with a coupon or on that is a plus, but I know I tend to buy things because it is the thing to do and I don't really use them.

I don't know why I do this, but I do know sometimes I tend to have a "missing out" syndrome.  I have been a lot better than I used to be, but my craft room shows my hoarding tendencies unfortunately.

I will note, this past weekend, I did use the pink, teal, and gold in my planner to decorate the September title page.

My next challenge to myself is to use my stuff!  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Florida 2012 (#1)

In 2012, we surprised the kids (and ourselves) with a trip to Florida.  I planned this trip 3 weeks before we left for a week.  Who does that?  I do that...I do that more often than you would think is possible. :)  *just a note...we live in California--so a last minute trip across the country is a tad bit crazy.

Prior to leaving, I packed a bag with a SMASH book, pens, scraps of paper, my Polaroid PoGo, and adhesive.  I totally thought I was going to scrapbook while vacationing...I was so wrong ha ha only added to the weight of my carry-on. :/

I actually "finished" the book in March 2013, but I never journaled that is the part I am currently working on.

Here is the cover...I tried to capture the things we did...caught a Marlin's game (against our beloved Giants), went to DisneyWorld and Universal Orlando...We also went to the beach and the boys went to a Tampa Bay Ray's game. (I just realized I forgot to add those last two elements to my cover!  I may go back now...we will see.)

This was my first SMASH book and the concept is great, but I didn't really care for doesn't really allow too much extras to be placed inside.  (I suppose it is more for thoughts and doodlings than to use instead of a Scrapbook like I used it for.)

Luckily, most of the pages just worked out right for each of my layouts...but when it didn't, I would just add paper over it...adding to the bulkiness of the book.

Here is the inside of the front cover...I like keeping and adding our plane tickets...I don't know why.

The first layout is our itinerary for the week.  I actually completed this before we left...I'll pat myself on the back--hahaha. 

The printable cards are from Cathy Zielske.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the post that she shared these with the world.

A funny (but not so funny) story...our plane from San Jose to Los Angeles was on the tiniest plane I have ever been on...and since I booked the flight so late, we were in the back of the plane and not seated next to each other.  There were 2 seats on one side of the plane and 1 seat on the other side of the tiny!!  Anyway, we were right above the landing gear.  As we were descending, the landing gear (of course) was opening up, but the noise scared me...I almost jumped out of my seat!  I thought we were going down!!!  I might have let out a little "Ah!"--hahaha...I'm sure my seat mate wasn't thrilled to be seated next to me. :D

Our first stop in Florida was in Miami...we got in early enough to drive to our hotel downtown, check out the pool, and walk to grab a bite to eat.

It was the first time we had all eaten Columbian food--it was ok, but it was no Mexican food.  

I usually opt for the cheapest (but clean) hotels.  The Hampton Inn did not disappoint.  My daughter was the only one to get into the pool, but she wasn't was so hot outside and in the pool that it just felt like a hot tub...she said it wasn't refreshing at all.  

Well that was day 1 of our trip.  Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So how do you like to read?

Would you rather read digitally or by holding the paper of a book/magazine?

I have come to the decision for me it depends on if I buy it or borrow it from the library (or if it is free!).

Back in 2012, we went to San Diego and I bought a digital version of the Frommer's San Diego.  I thought we would have the guide at our finger tips on our phones and the iPad without the bulkiness of carrying it around.  I hated it!  There was no way to just flip around the guide.  I like to flip :)  And as a keepsake keeper, I like to see the used travel guides on the shelf to remind me of our trips.

Then, last year, PaperCrafts announced they were going digitally and had an amazing deal of $10 for the year.  I fell for it and got the subscription, even though I had seized all my subscriptions a couple of years before.  Again, I wasn't enthused about reading it digitally each month.  I would "flip" through it once and forget about it.

BUT...and there is a big but...if I am reading library books, I would rather read them on my iPad.  Once, I happily read during a whole baseball game (the high school coach was a jerk...but that is a different subject) on my smartphone--it was awesome.  

Another BUT, if I am buying a book, I want to physically see it on my shelf...I paid for it, so I want to touch it.

So for me, I like reading both ways...depending on what it costs me :)

Books Pictured

I am hoping to have reviews of the Mollie Makes magazines soon!

Workspace Wednesdays (Calendar//Planner)

Lately, I have been using my planner.  I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be using it all (and that I had wasted money), but so far (20 days in) I have been good at jotting things down.

This fall, both of my kids will be in college and my husband will be going to school once a week, as well.  Instead of noting their class schedule every day on every week of my calendar, I made this handy dandy spreadsheet in Excel (I am a bit of an Accounting Nerd and I love Excel and making lists and charts!).

Now I will be able to quickly reference if they should be answering my text or phone call. ;)

Since the planner is spiral bound, I didn't think I would be able to add pages, but luckily my Bind-It-All cuts the correct holes!  You can't see, but on the left to each hole, I used my craft knife and made a cut so that I could place it in my book :D  I used cardstock so that it wouldn't be too flimsy and would last all semester. (Maybe next semester I will laminate it for more support! ha ha ha)

Thank you for looking!