Saturday, May 9, 2015

Monterey 2013 Album (Amy Tan class--2015)

Last month, my good friend Liz and I drove up to Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley (it just recently closed--boo!) to take an Amy Tan class. It was so much fun! And we got a ton of goodies! (Seriously, the amount of product was totally worth the price of the class!)

We didn't get much done, but it was a blast. Amy is such a great person. I highly recommend taking a class with her if you ever get the chance. 

During National Scrapbook Day (see Jossie's post--we had so much fun!), I actually got a lot of the book complete by just copying Amy's layouts. I worked on completing the album all last week and I finally finished.

There are a lot of pages (47) and I think I figured out how to do a slideshow (ok, it works on a computer, but it won't show the slide show on an iPhone/iPad).

Since I had more photos that didn't fit on the finished pages, I actually added a few more of my own design--whoo hoo! I love Sea Anemones...this one looked like a sunflower :)


I also love Sea Horses! This one looks like a leaf. The paper I used, the numbers really didn't work, so I painted over with lime green and white acrylic paint.

My niece had given me a thank you card for taking her, so I used it in the back and added her picture inside the card.

One of the techniques Amy showed us was with the Fuse tool. Of course I had to buy one! On one of the layouts I did, I added sequins and loved the look. last photo from our trip because jellyfish are also one of my favorite!


I really love sea creatures, but I don't like the water! brain freezes and I can't breathe right when trying to swim or use snorkel gear! 

Thank you for letting me share my album!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

I have always loved to read, but there have been times when I didn't have the time to do so.  Now that my kids are grown, I am able to do nothing and just read...some call me obsessive or an addict because when I do start a book, it is so hard for me to stop...I can stay up late reading (but rarely any other time)...sometimes I just have to know how it ends!

The other day, I was thinking about posting the books I have read since the beginning of the year, then I came across this post by a fellow blogger who is doing the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge and I was like "hey...I wanna do that!" :)

I am not sure if I will update this often or not, but here is my list so far.

~A book with a number in the title--One Summer.  This one was pretty good.  It actually was kinda hard for me to start because it started off so sad and depressing, but then it got better and became a love story.

~A book by a female author--More Like Her.  This was a book club pick from my aunt's book club and it was good.  It was sad but it kinda had a love story in there.

~A book of short stories--Four.  Recently, I watched the Divergent movie and had to start reading the series.  Four is actually four short stories that can be read (preferably after Divergent) to hear about one of the characters in more detail--the last of the four books is kinda parallel with Divergent but seen from a different point of view.  I really liked this one.  (again a bit of a love story)

~A book set in a different country--A Girl on a Train.  This one I have seen so many people love it...I didn't really love it.  It was ok.  The beginning was so depressing...not a love story--haha

~A book a friend recommended--The Silent Sister.  This was also a book club pick from my aunt's book club.  I really like this one.  Sometimes I figure out the twists and I hate when I do that and this one I kinda knew things that should have been a surprise.  There is a little bit of a love story in this one.

~A trilogy--Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant.  Ok, technically, I haven't finished this trilogy.  I still need to read the last book, but I really loved the first two...lots of twists in the second book.  And there is a love story component.

~A book by an author you've never read before--The Great Escape.  Late last year, my coworker and I decided to make a 2 person book club--haha!  So we started reading a bunch of books (we read the 3 Gillian Flynn books) and most of the books were kinda sad/depressing.  So at the beginning of the year, she recommended we read some romance novels.  This one was cute.  Then we read 3 more books by the same author and all the books were so similar!  Then we were tired of love stories haha!

So there are my short reviews.  I am on and I try to keep it up to date if you want to follow me there.  

Some of the books were hard to choose which item to check off.  Like Four could have been "A book with a number in the Title" or "A book with a one-word title".  And A Girl on a Train could have also fallen under "A book you can read in a day"--although most wouldn't read it in a day (I read it in less than 24 hours because I didn't have anything else to do this past weekend--haha!)

I don't know if I will get to finish all these books on the list, but it will be fun to try. 

Thank you for reading if you made it this far :D

Saturday, April 25, 2015

San Diego 2015 Mini Album

I didn't think it would ever happen, but it did...I completed an album in less than a month of my trip!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!! :D

On March 27, my mom, my daughter, and I embarked on a Road Trip to San Diego.  In a perfect non-traffic world, it should take less than 7 hours.  But it took us nearly 10 hours to get there and 9 hours to get home thanks to LA traffic and a few stops going down there and only 1 stop coming home.

It was a short trip and I actually brought my portable LG printer and some supplies thinking I could do some scrapbooking in the car and at the hotel.  But I did very little scrapbooking--how do those girls (Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey--to name a couple) do it???

This is my first time trying this type of "non-conformist" mini album...I don't know how else to describe it haha!  The pages aren't all the same size.  I am not sure if I love it, it is kinda hard to focus on a page when you can see parts of the pages behind it.  But it was fun to try.

I tried to add a flipagram, but I didn't know what I was doing wrong and I couldn't get it to work in the please excuse all the photos of my album.

I finished the cover before we left.  Using some Color Shine, washi tape, and Amy Tangerine stickers from a couple of her lines.  You can't really tell, but I added a transparency on the front cover and the back cover to make it a bit sturdier.

See how the "Here We Go" PL card hides and messes with the layout behind it?

Yes, I could have left it out, but the PL card was used to journal on the back.  I actually completed the majority of the "polaroid" layout in the hotel.  I printed the photo of the 3 of us at In N Out burger!!  

My daughter knew I would used the receipt, so she wrote on it ha ha! To make the receipt a little sturdier, I put some washi tape on the back.  I used watercolors on the left side of the page and it kinda blend through--ugh--so I had to add the washi and some pink watercolor to the front of the page.

Again, I wanted to use another PL card to extend my journal space...not sure if I am a fan of this technique...Maybe I just need bigger journaling cards! :)

The right side is one of my favorite parts of the album.  I actually started most of it at the hotel and did some (very little) in the car.  The sand is actual sand from the beach we were at!  I brought the bag with me to the beach.  It is a SMASHbook bag which I don't know if they even make them anymore.  The Highway 1 picture inside the back is from a Message In A Box tin from Typo.  (I am not sure if they sell that set anymore either.)

I was so excited to be able to finally get to Paper Tales.  The receipt got wet in my bag, but I thought the tied dye look was still ok to use.  (sorry you can see me from the page behind this one!)

While at the restaurant, they took a few photos of us.  My mom and my cousin both bought a couple each--which were in some touristy paper frames...I just kept the free one that included photos of the foods. :)

Of course, no trip is complete without a few stops at Starbucks haha!

Thank you for looking.  I really had fun making this album.  As I am using the latest trends, I realize how much I enjoy my 2-page 12x12 layouts...but I will still keep trying new things out :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Altered Journal Notebook

This summer, my husband and I are going to Puerto Rico for our 20th Anniversary-eek :)

I bought this cute 5x7 journal at Michaels (in the dollar bins). 

I like the gold and the pink, but I'm not really a pink person haha. So I found a cute vintage print online and covered the front using my Xyron for the adhesive (I never have any luck with modge podge).

And since the pink back wouldn't match, I went through my stack of old Basic Grey papers. 

There was a time when I "needed" two sheets of each paper in every line--ugh!  

After, I covered it with clear ConTact paper.

Now I really hope I will journal a bit each day so I don't forget too many details. 

Thank you for looking :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Florida 2012 (#7)

We finished off our 5th day in Florida at the Magic Kingdom.

After a couple of hours at the hotel, we arrived at 5:20 pm.  It was still pretty humid.  That may be why 3 of the lines to awesome rides were so short!

The lines to the Pirates of the Caribbean and to the Haunted Mansion were only 10 minutes each!  Unfortunately, the line to Big Thunder was too long for us to wait and we ended up leaving the park way before our FastPasses would have worked for us.

We then lucked out again with the It's a Small World ride.  Even though my husband gets irritated by this ride, we were ready for some more air conditioning and the line was only 15 minutes!

But that was the end of the short lines.  Space Mountain was a 90 minute wait and we were completely exhausted by 7:50, so we skipped it.  It had been a 12 hour day for our feet!

One of the statements in the Smash Book was "if money wasn't a concern"...I wrote we would have stayed a week longer and took more time to enjoy each park.

My review of Disney World was jaded by the fact that we have been to Disneyland a few times and besides the Cinderella Castle, the Magic Kingdom did not compare.

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Florida 2012 (#6)/Silhouette Sunday

Today, I'm combining Silhouette Sunday with my continuing effort to complete our 2012 Florida trip. This is the 2nd post on our 5th day. 

I'm sure plenty of people really enjoy Epcot--I mean they haven't closed it, right?  But we really didn't care for this park. 

Again, I placed the map in the Smash Book. 

Here is where I used my Silhouette. I cut the names of the countries. Pretty simple but glueing each letter is a pain. 

And that was it. Not much journaling was needed. 

Thank you for looking! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Florida 2012 (#5)

I think I might have CADD (creative attention deficit disorder--ok, I just made that up) because I can never finish a project. I will start one album, get bored, then start another project.

Yesterday, I want to start to scrapbook a trip to Disneyland, but I am making myself finish a project that has been sitting on my desk for sometime--Our 2012 Florida trip. 

This album is nearly complete but I have to do the journaling for it and add a few more embellishments to the pages. 

I've blogged about Days 1-4 late last year.

Because we did a lot on Day 5 in Florida, I am going to split the day out into 3 separate posts. 

We were told that it isn't recommended to see all the Disney World parks in one day but we only had 1 day to visit them. 

Prior to leaving on our trip, I had printed a list of the rides/attractions at each park and crossed off anything that we have been on at Disneyland/California Adventure. I chose 3 of the 4 parks to visit. Then I seen which park opened the earliest and which one closed the latest. I even had an estimated schedule to try to stick to. One thing that I didn't account for is that Epcot is pretty boring and we had extra time on our hands. We probably could have gone to Animal Kingdom after all, but it was just as well since our feet were hurting pretty bad. We used the time between Epcot and Magic Kingdom to go back to the hotel to soak our feet. 

Our first stop at 8 am (5 am our normal pacific time!!!) was Hollywood Studios which is similar to California Adventures. 

I added the map to each park in the album. To make them a bit sturdier, I taped the folded areas with packing tape. Hopefully they hold up. 

We were there for four hours and we were right on scheduled. 3 of the 4 of us loved the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. 

One of the rides we wanted to get on was closed--Toy Story Midway Mania, but the area was cute. We skipped Hollywood Tower and Indiana Jones because they are similar to rides we've been on (at this point I still thought we were on a tight schedule). 

The Backlot Tour was pretty neat to see some of the special effects--it is pretty similar to the tour you can take at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Then it was time to find breakfast. There was only one place that had a descent looking breakfast buffet. It was a Disney Jr. Place which had characters walking around for the younger kids. My kids were 15 & 17, so we just went for the food. 

At one point, either Handy Manny or Jake the Pirate came over and hugged my daughter. I thought it was funny but my husband wasn't laughing--he told the guy in is I-am-her-father-and-carry-a-shotgun voice, "that is enough". I truly hope it was either just a girl or a teenage boy--that is what I choose to believe. 

After breakfast we walked around some more and I took a lot of photos of the cute props--there were a lot! 

Sometimes it seems like a chore to journal, but if I don't do it, future generations won't know about our family life :D

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Silhouette Sunday--San Francisco Giants Poncho

Last Halloween, my husband and daughter went to the San Francisco Giants World Series Parade (because they won the 2014 World Series!!!!  Woohoo!!!!).  They knew it was going to be rainy so they went and bought some cheapy ponchos from Sports Authority the night before...luckily they were orange!

But what is going to a parade to celebrate your team if you can't show off your Giants gear?

They came home and my daughter asked if I could make her a stencil with my awesome machine (the Silhouette Cameo) so they could spray paint the SF logo on her poncho.  I told her I could to better and cut and stick the logo on it!

At that time, I still had not purchased any vinyl...I only had some black Con-Tact paper.  I searched for the SF logo and did some button pushing (seriously, it is still a trial and error for me) and voila...

It lasted the day...but it did start to peel off in some spots--not sure if that is due to it being Con-Tact paper and not vinyl or if it had to do with the cheap poncho.

Maybe I should have made the MVP-Madison Bumgarner a cooler poncho! :)

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Silhouette Sunday #1--Littlest Pet Shop

*With the new year, I want to try out a new weekly (hopefully) blog post.  On Thanksgiving in 2013, I won a Silhouette Cameo--I still cannot believe it!!!  I try to use the machine, but normally my desk is a mess.  Also, I don't want to spend a ton on cuts since I bought a whole bunch of Cricut cartridges that I never use :/  But with the Cameo, it is so easy (not really easy) to find cuts or logos online and make them into cuts.  I say not really easy because it usually takes me a while to remember how to get it to cut what I want :)  Well...without any further first Silhouette Sunday.

My 6 year-old niece just started to collect Littlest Pet Shop figurines, but she also has a 6 month-old sister that is going to be crawling soon.  So for Christmas, I wanted to get her a box to keep her "pets" in, but I wanted it to be personalized...I thought what perfect way than to use the Cameo to make "Ava's Littlest Pet Shop".

Now, I am not sure if this is actually legal to do, but here is what I did...shh!  I found the logo to "Littlest Pet Shop" in PNG form and saved it to my computer.  Then in Photoshop Elements, I deleted the 'shadow' and colored the 'Littlest', 'Pet', and 'Shop' black (I don't know if you have to, but it makes it easier for me in the Silhouette Studio).  I am not really sure if you can do this in the regular Studio program--I have the Designer version just for things like this.  So I pressed a bunch of button in Designer Studio and finally it was a cut!

Because I am kinda cheap (haha!), I ended up just getting black Cricut vinyl at Michaels...I don't need a bunch of colors and I think I will use the black more than if I got pink or another color.  This was my first time using real vinyl...I have used Contact paper before, but this seems a lot sturdier...I hope it lasts for her.

After I resized and cut "Littlest Pet Shop" to fit on the top of the box, I realized I forgot to add 'Ava's' :(  That is why 'Ava' is on the side of the box instead.

Thank you for looking!  I hope to inspire people to use their Cameos as well in this new year! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My One Little Word--2015

Every year, Ali Edwards choses One Little Word as sort of a resolution (for lack of a better term).  I tried this in 2013, but it really didn't pan out throughout the year.  And in 2014, I just had a "TO DO" board dedicated to catching up on scrapbooking only--no other resolutions.

This past month, I was thinking about the things I wanted to start doing and even though I haven't really done Ali's whole workshop, the word "DO" just clicked in my head.

Yesterday, I was reading blogs and I totally thought I found someone else doing "DO" as their word as well, but in fact it was a different version of the word.  (She wants to do things in a general sense--like go places.)  My word is more to DO anything but sit around.

Every night, especially during the fall/winter when it is dark at 5pm, I come home from work and we mostly go out and eat, then I come back home and sit on my butt and watch tv...pretty much doing nothing at all.

This year, I want to exercise more (as always), cook more, change the way I eat, keep my house clean, scrapbook more, create more, blog more, get rid of boxes and boxes of junk that I never got around to getting rid of back in 2013--in other words I just want to DO something!

This year, when I read that Ali Edwards' word just came to her, I was like "yeah, whatever"...but then just like that my word came to me without even thinking about doing One Little Word :)

Crossing my fingers that I DO more this year instead of just sitting around surfing the net while watching tv.