Sunday, July 13, 2014

2008 Oahu Trip (#2)

For the past few weeks, I have been working on my Oahu scrapbook little by little.

Here are the 3 layouts of our first day on the island.

Our friends (at the time) arranged for a limo to pick us up at the fancy!  We didn't have the greatest view from our hotel room, but we weren't planning on staying in there--we were on an adventurous trip :) (plus I love to save money...aka, I'm cheap--ha ha ha)

This is one of the first times I embraced embellishing the photos themselves and I love it!!!

{Thickers came out years ago and I only had a few sets--2 were given to me in two separate classes I had taken (one blogged about last year)...then later last year, I bought a grab bag from Amy Tan(gerine) which added 3 more to my collection.  This is the first time I've really started to use them and I am in love...I don't know what took me so long!!!

I have since bought 2 more sets :D (bringing my total to a mere 7 sets) I don't need another addiction, but the lovely ladies of Instagram always show off there finds from Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx.  Repeating myself--I don't need another addition...I don't need...}

From the first 2-page layout, I love this 3x4 card I made...

I did not take this picture (I would have had to be in the ocean to do so--ha ha ha).  It is the postcard (cut down to 3x4) I took from the perfect for my album.

Here is the second 2-page layout, showing our first lunch and my first time eating tacos with fish inside!  Then we did some shopping.

And the last 2-page layout

Showing the beach across the street and our first dinner.  (I only blurred her face because I don't have permission to use her image--not the fact that we are no longer friends--ha ha ha)

The 3x4 journal card says "The beach was literally across the street from our hotel.  But we didn't spend any time there."  I had to use the word literally (and I used it right) because this person literally said that word a million times--ok, yes, not really literally a million times, but she used it a lot and often not in the right context!  My daughter laughed when she read the card and asked me if I used the word on purpose...she knows me too well :D

A little close up on the last picture

A third couple was supposed to join us on our trip, but couldn't after all...we had taken this picture at the restaurant pretending our friend Meredith was with us :)  Silly girls!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday (sort of) 2008 Oahu Trip (#1)

In 2008, my husband and I went to Oahu, sans kids, with another couple (who are now former friends).

I have been wanting to scrapbook this trip for a while, but never got around to it.  When I seen that Project Life had mini albums, I knew that is what I wanted to use.  But I didn't want to pay full price for the forward to April of this year...I paid full price for it :/  But it is the perfect album for our 5 day (including travel days) vacation.

The front cover has a space for a small 3x4 picture (or card), but I haven't found the right one yet.  This is the first page of the album.

Top from left to right:

I used a folding card from the Project Life Kiwi (Jo-Ann's exclusive), tab made with a McGill File Tab Punch, a couple of roller stamps--2000's date stamp and the Dear Lizzy roller stamp--and Amy Tangerine washi tape.

The photo was taken using my Nikon D50.

Bottom from left to right:

I used a card from the Project Life Themed Card-Planner (Michaels exclusive) with a cute "Polaroid" print from Typo--Message in a Box (I can't find the set I have, but this one is similar), and pink loopy Washi tape.

The Project Life card is from the Amy Tangerine Plus One kit, the "TO" is from Kelly Purkey Alphabet Stickers (I actually used white but colored them green with the Amy Tangerine markers) and I used an older set of Black Glittery Thickers.

The corner card can actually be pulled out to see the hidden journaling.  I used my typewriter--whoo hoo!  It is just a note saying in 2008 we went on vacation with our friends but later that year, we no longer were friends.  "This album was created & journaled in 2014.  I have done my best to capture the moments as they occurred in 2008."

I went back and forth about putting that into the album and I probably didn't need to note that, but I felt it was kind of part of the story, but I didn't want to announce it on the front of the if you know there is hidden journaling, then you can pull it out and read it :)  Plus I am not sure if we were still friends today if my album might be different--know what I mean?

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workspace Wednesday (#1)

Hello!!!  It has been quite a while since I've blogged.  Between my son's last high school baseball season and him graduating, I didn't have too much time to craft.  But this week I started to again :)

I'm not sure if I'll post a picture of my workspace every week, but I have seen other bloggers do this and I love peeking into their space!

Here is my table today:

I am currently working on one of my goals for the year--scrapbooking our 2008 trip to Oahu.  I am using the PL mini album.  I've been waiting to get my hands on one of these mini albums just for this trip, but waited in hopes that I could find one at a Big Box store and use a coupon, but no such luck and I finally bit the bullet and bought it full price (oh the horror!!) ha ha ha.

I did do something I didn't think I'd ever do...I took my PL cards out of the box!  Well I only had 2 boxes--the Amy Tangerine Plus One mini kit and the Maggie Holmes Flea Market kit.  I have a bunch of other cards from various kits.  (I started listing them, but the list became too long--ha ha ha.)

They are actually easier to flip through without having to take the 2 sets out of the box, then putting them back in.  I don't know how the ladies that have every set do it!  I was having a hard enough time going through the 7 sets plus 6 Studio Calico PL kits!!

Thanks for looking into my creative space...hopefully I will be able to be more creative this summer.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Girls Only -- Scrapbook Expo Layout

Quite a few years ago (maybe 2008 or 2009???), I started an album for my "girls outings" layouts.  As of now, there are only 3 layouts in this book (including the one I am sharing)--ha ha ha.  I really have lots to catch up on!

I like the spatter look (is spatter only for blood--I've watched too much Dexter, I think).  I used all the mists I have on the page--which isn't much.  Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Primerose and Teal, my DIY Gold, and a white paint pen--I don't remember the brand and the label has come off.

I started off by only using the paint on the first half with the photos of me and the girls, but the layout wasn't too cohesive.  So I opted to do the same on the other side.  I had a lot more photos I wanted to add--the goodies that the girls and the crop gave me--but there just wasn't enough room.

The thing about using the spatter/splatter look is the drying time.  It took me over a day to do this layout because I would come back and forth to allow it to dry.  Also, I think it took so long because I am not too keen on the base color I decided to use, but I didn't want to start all over again.

The current trending looks on layouts is awesome and I tried to mimic them, but it leaves little room for too many photos :(

Added bonus, I finally use my typewriter on a layout.  WooHoo!!!  With my new table, my typewriter fits perfectly under my desk and I have plenty of space to open it without having to remove the typewriter from the case.

Thank you for looking :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Ever-Changing Craft Room

Last month, I shared one room of our home remodel…our Office/my craft room.

This was the room right after the remodel in 2007--yellow…against my husband's will.  Since then, I have made many changes through out.

Things that I hated about this room...
~yellow walls (yes, my husband warned me I would)
~open shelving on wall

2 years ago, I finally got the chance to pull everything out and paint it white :)  I also pulled everything off the walls because 5 years after I got my craft room, the wall was pretty much full of magazines and lots of paper…it was way too cluttered.

Seriously…who could be creative in this space!

Here was the update, up until last weekend.

But I was still not completely happy because my work area was so small…(this is a mock layout…normally I have more paper and embellishments I try to dig through on my desk)

I didn't have much room to spread everything out.  So I talked my husband into getting me a larger table.

I really wanted a 48 x 84 inch space, but that wouldn't be possible, so I settled for 39 x 79.  It gave me 14 more inches depth wise and 7 additional inches wide wise.

I love all the space I have now!

Here is the before and after side view

I love that my Ikea Raskog Cart now fits behind my desk!  I also have extra storage behind the cabinets for my crop roller cart and other stuff.

Another new addition I was able to add to my table was a Harbor Freight revolving bin that I've seen many crafters on Instagram and in the blogosphere use.

(before and after)

I still have to fill it up!  I may paint it someday, but for right now, black is part of my accent colors, so it will stay black for the time being.

I do love my updated space, but I am still wishing that:

1.  I had a bigger room
2.  I had a bigger window for natural light
3.  The door to the garage wasn't in this room
4.  I could have an Island (impossible because of 1 & 3 above)
5.  I had longer arms because I really can't reach into the corner now or the back wall very easily ha ha ha.

But none of those can be changed, so for now (until we win the lottery) I will be content with my space.  

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 for 3…Cards

I am 3 for 3 in making 1 card a month so far this year--yay!  

My goddaughter turned 21 this weekend (I know, was I like 2 when she was born?--ha ha ha), so I set out to make her a card.

I was going for the Vegas-y feel…and what better way than using the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign!  I got the cut from Silhouette Online.  I used Arial font for the words: 'Funding', 'for', 'Las Vegas', and 'Nicole'--all bold except for 'for'.  The "Fabulous" I found online and thought it was perfect, then I realized the F is different after I had finished the card :(  I outlined the "Funding" with a silver pen and added some bling.

Paper piecing is hard work!!!  I got glue all over the place.  I even used a Martha Stewart ballpoint-tip glue pen and I still had trouble.  I guess practice makes perfect :D

Thanks for looking! 

Scrapbook Expo 2014

Last weekend, I met up with Liz, Jossie, and Renee at the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton to crop and shop and shop :)  It was a great time.

We didn't get a picture of all 4 of us together (I don't know how since we are scrapbookers!).  Liz took a picture of Renee and I and I took a picture of Liz and Jossie, but I didn't like how I looked, so I won't be posting that :D

I set out and was only going to buy some card stock, which I got for a great deal.

The pink bag was free with the purchase of admission to the Expo along with these goodies.

And I knew I wanted to get some Amy Tangerine Plus One products, so here is what I came home with

I love the cute die set (I swore I wouldn't buy any more dies, but I couldn't resist…plus it was like $3 cheaper than online and no shipping!)  I still need to find some more of the line to complete the set (that's not obsessive, right? ha ha ha)

And I know I've sworn off roller stamps, but here are 4more I came home with...

The super duper big stamp was also like $3 cheaper than online!!

On 2Peas, I've heard rumors of this beautiful hard-to-find paper, so I had to buy some when I found it just sitting there calling my name.  "Buy me, Linda…buy me all…"  Good thing there were only 5 sheets left.

And some of the miscellaneous items I bought.  I love the cassette mask.  The Cozumel stickers are for my honeymoon album (that we took nearly 19 years ago!).  The ribbon matches eyelets I bought last year.  I bought more eyelets even though I said I wouldn't, but they had the cutest card on display.  And the 6x6 pad was ONLY $1! :)

Yes, I spent a little more than I had planned, but I had a great time.  Oh and the crop, we got our choice of paper packs with the price of admission.  

And what did I get done at the crop?  Little, very little ha ha ha…

I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Birthday Card

I made a birthday card :)

The "Happy Birthday!" stamp is from Brown Pigeon, but it doesn't seem to be available online anymore.  I bought it at the SF Bizarre in December.

The "postage stamp" card was made using the Sentimentals cartridge in CCR.

Thank you for looking. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Disneyland 2001 Album Redo Series (#6)

I had some more time this weekend to scrapbook--yay!  (boo, if you are bored with my Disney pages :D )

Here is the before layout of Tarzan's Treehouse (formerly known as the Swiss Family Treehouse).

On the new layout, I actually journaled about some of the meltdowns of our trip.  It is funny because after all these years, I am the only one that remembers the stories.

After taking the first picture on the left, my kids began fighting (and yes, mom took a picture).

A close-up--you're welcome--ha ha ha.

The journaling says, "Seconds after posing for a nice photo, the kids started fighting.  Why should the Happiest Place on Earth be any different than at home?".

The journal card on the second page says, "It had been a long day and he wasn't riding in a stroller.  It was no wonder he wasn't happy about climbing the rope and posing for this photo".

I could have left out the photo of them fighting and not said a word about my son being mad in the rope picture (because you couldn't even tell), but I think the stories add to our fun "real" trip.  I was happy to use two of Amy Tangerine's roller stamps on the journal cards--one says "Real Life" and the other says "*The Truth".

I really don't tear my paper any more, but when I was thinking about this layout, I remembered I had some bamboo paper from CTMH, so I dug it out, but there wasn't much to use and it was torn, so I made it work and tore the blue paper on the opposite side to tie the two pages. The mats on the left side are burlap.  In the corner, I punched a Mickey Mouse silhouette using the burlap as well (I don't recommend trying to use a punch on burlap--it didn't work out too well).

Even though I mainly used the Simple Stories Say Cheese line (again!) I was happy to pull in old products like the Close to My Heart bamboo paper and some Creative Memories bamboo letter stickers that I have had in my stash forever!

You will be happy to know that I just put my deco scissors into my "donate to the Girls Scouts" box :D

Thank you for looking!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Crocheted Coaster

After a brief hiatus from crocheting (for no reason other than to focus on scrapbooking), I finally crocheted a coaster for myself to use in my craft room.

I found this vintage pattern (via Pinterest), so I thought I would give it a go.

It was fun (and easy) to make and it will save my table from those dreaded cup rings.  I swore I'd never make doilies or any type of cozies (well except for coffee cup cozies), so if I ever make a cozy for the toilet paper rolls, please put me in a home :D

Thanks for looking.